Jobox Premium Storage Boxes



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The toughest chests in the world. Designed for premium access, weather resistance, and security, the JOBOX chest yields a plethora of features including four-way skid bolsters, and a visual, three-point locking system.

The JOBOX® brand – Durable, innovative on-site storage, truck storage, and safety storage solutions

The story of the JOBOX brand begins over 60 years ago with a small company that produced and erected farm silos in the fertile Mississippi delta region of Arkansas. The firm prospered, and in 1961, Delta Consolidated Industries, as the company was now called, designed and manufactured the first steel “truck box” to address a growing demand for secure tool storage in the beds of pickup trucks, which were rapidly gaining in popularity. Delta Consolidated Industries continued to focus on durable, secure tool storage, not just for trucks, but for construction jobsites as well. The post-war United States construction boom had created a market for extremely durable and secure, yet portable, storage containers for valuable construction site tools and supplies. Innovative, weather-resistant, and nearly indestructible JOBOX brand onsite storage products soon became the standard by which other brands were judged. More recently, the JOBOX product portfolio expanded to include a line of flammable storage cabinets and cans that provide UL-approved in-plant storage of flammable liquids. These products offer improved safety and superior heat and fire resistance, along with proven JOBOX strength, security, and durability.

Today, JOBOX is a brand of Apex Tool Group, one of the largest industrial hand, power, and electronic tool manufacturers in the world, serving industrial, construction, aerospace, and motor vehicle markets globally. JOBOX benefits from in-depth research, cutting-edge technology, and extensive testing to continually improve the performance and value of its products. So whether it’s durable and secure on-site storage boxes for construction locations, innovative and attractive truck boxes built for hard work or play, or secure storage for flammable liquids in safety-critical industrial facilities, you can count on JOBOX to deliver superior storage solutions for your most demanding applications.